What's the status of this project?

The production of Campus Island, our visual novel / otome game is on hiatus.
We were not ready at the time to release the game we both dreamt of.  
We have made the choice to improve our coding and drawing skills during the past few years.
We Alix and Dja, creators of Campus Island, invite you to follow our most recent projects
which serve us for training purposes to come back one day better and stronger.

Try out our mini games on our respective itch.io accounts and follow us there :

- Alix's account : https://alixlepinay.itch.io

- Dja's account : https://djaredona.itch.io

You may want to support us on Patreon www.patreon.com/taularedona or itch.io.
Thank you for reading, we need you more than ever to fund our projects and make our dreams come true.

Characters from Campus Island

Play a wonderful love story

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean, a sunny archipelago hides one of the most renowned academy of the planet. Meet and socialize with students from all around the world in this heavenly setting.
Choose your look and follow your heart !
 Game soon available on all major devices with up to date browsers

Teachers, Friends & Lovers

Serialized in episodes, Campus Island is a high quality, free-to-enjoy game mixing elements of visual novel, role-playing game and dating sim to create a new form of entertainment for girls. Click here to follow the development on Facebook or read our developper blog.

  • Title : Campus Island
  • Developer: Stay in Bed.
  • Availabilty : currently on hiatus.
  • Platform : Web browsers

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